Twenty-Fourth Foundation Day of Bhutan National Democratic Party

By Dr.  D.N.S.Dhakal                                                                     Published February 7, 2017 

Bhutan National Democratic Party (BNDP) was founded in exile in 1992 in the aftermath of Bhutanese refugee exodus to Nepal. It will complete 25 years in 2018. The party is hopeful of celebrating its silver jubilee in Thimphu.

BNDP has always worked in the interest of Bhutan and Bhutanese people. It has played an instrumental role to keep the movement adhere to non-violence path and cooperated with the international community for third resettlement of Bhutanese refugees.

More than 100,000 Bhutanese have already been resettled in overseas countries. As of 2016 December end, the total registered refugees in Nepal are 11,213 only. The USA has halted refugee intake for the next four months, but other countries are taking Bhutanese refugees as scheduled.

BNDP has been demanding the repatriation of refugees who do not opt for third country resettlement with honor and dignity. It considers resettled refugees as non-resident Bhutanese (NRB) and demands that Bhutan government create an enabling environment for them to reconnect back with their kith and kin in Bhutan.

Given the emerging global scenario, it is important for Bhutan and Nepal to close the refugee chapter once for all and rebuild confidence in the age-old cultural and spiritual relationship which the two countries had enjoyed before the refugee imbroglio. BNDP encourages the two countries to utilize the window of opportunity provided by the international community keeping their long-term interest in viewpoint.

BNDP would be happy to facilitate the rapprochement process among all stakeholders and again help restore the confidence of Bhutanese people whether they live inside or outside the country for a safe, peaceful, prosperous and democratic Bhutan.