Future of Non-Resident Bhutanese (NRB) in Bhutan’s Legislative Process

By Bhuwan Gautam                                                    NRB is a strong agenda for negotiation with the government of Bhutan. But how can the government of Bhutan open up a dialogue for negotiation under its current stance on Bhutanese Refugees? This question has risen among the Bhutanese diaspora as well as those inside Bhutan. To understand, we need to take a deeper look into Bhutan’s legislative process,

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Bhutan-Nepal Foundation

[caption id="attachment_629" align="alignright" width="150"] Author Dr. Dhakal[/caption] By DNS Dhakal, PhD The Nepalese people welcomed the generous contribution of Bhutan government on the next day the killer earthquake shook Nepal at 11:54 AM on April 25.  A contribution of one million US dollars to Prime Minister’s Relief Fund from small neighboring Bhutan was a big news in Kathmandu. The Prime Minister of Bhutan himself was in Kathmandu with

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Bhutan recognizes importance of NRB

By: Bhuwan Gautam Bhutan has finally begun recognizing the importance of Non-Resident Bhutanese (NRB) for its socio-economic development. In addition to approx. 90,000 resettled Bhutanese in different parts of the world, there are few thousands Bhutanese nationals coming directly from Bhutan and are living in major cities like New York (USA), Sidney (Australia) and London (UK). The remittances sent from these people back home have improved Bhutanese

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