Modi visits U.S: Will Bhutan seize the Moment?

By: P.K Subedi

As a special invitee, I had an opportunity to attend community reception of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Madison Square Garden in New York today. A select invitee of 18,000 strong Indian community participated in the gathering together with more than 15 US Congressmen.

P.K Subedi inside Madison Square Garden on Sunday

P.K Subedi inside Madison Square Garden on Sunday

Prime Minister Modi announced that People of Indian Origin (PIO) will be granted permanent visa for those willing to visit India or do business. He enticed the Indian community to invest in education, health and infrastructure development including rehabilitation and cleansing of the River Ganga. The announcement received a thundering applause!

In the similar development,  Nepal has also announced non-voting citizenship rights to all erstwhile Nepali citizen with a hope of engaging them in country’s development. These developments are happening at the crucial period of time in the sub-continent where economic development is becoming a mantra of all politicians.

In my opinion, Bhutan should also examine the proposal of Non-Resident Bhutanese (NRB) which is being coined by the resettled community with a hope of finding a way out from the current situation and establish a mechanism to participate in an overall development of their mother country, Bhutan.

The unfortunate episode of refugee creation has ended-up in relocation of over 100 thousand Bhutanese people in developed countries. This is not a small asset for a small country like Bhutan!