Why is the need for national reconciliation when RGOB has not even moved an inch to address the refugee cause? Is it not being too conciliatory?

We would strive to persuade Bhutan to adopt more inclusive democracy with equity and justice for all Bhutanese population irrespective of race, religion or ethnicity. One sixth of Bhutan‘s population is living in various parts of the world, this happened as a by- product of Bhutan’s racially motivated population reduction maneuver targeting Nepali speaking population in the South Bhutan.. At the least, NRB expects Bhutan to accept their past mistake and grant nonresident Bhutanese status to its former citizens.  NRB’s ultimate wish is to see that Bhutan create opportunities for all to contribute to benefit all Bhutanese and Bhutan.

Is NRB too compromising?

No, it is not! NRB believes in “Open-mindedness and National Reconciliation”. There have been some significant changes inside the country. One cannot deny that they have  at least initiated process of democracy with a written constitution, adult franchise and gradually emerging independent judiciary. On the other hand, we are also no more helpless refugees living in camps surviving on doles but we are citizens of many developed and powerful countries. They have fulfilled our humanitarian needs by providing resettlement assistance. It is a known fact that the injustice was done to us by the Government of Bhutan and we have our right to redress through peaceful means. Generation has changed inside Bhutan. The entrenched ruling group is divided, we have a new King. It is high time that the new generation from inside the country and the Diaspora outside is able to see with open mind to understand the consequences of ethnic based short sighted policy of previous autocratic government and work towards inclusion and national reconciliation.

Is NRB one or two family’s agenda?

It is a national agenda for Bhutan and international agenda for all of us non-resident Bhutanese, who are all equal participants. Like any other idea, the concept has emerged from a small group of people and has reached critical mass and continues to grow. We already have a sizeable group of genuinely interested individuals who are working hard to make it a reality. We hope to continue this momentum and reach everybody in future.

Why is NRB needed when there are other organizations to work on the issue?

Other organizations that were created after resettlement are mostly state or city specific.  They address local and emergent issues. They are governed by their bylaws and have fixed mandates to work on socio-economic issues of the resettled population. NRB is  flexible and open to any agenda that would foster broader discussions. NRB has potential to work at international level and has global agenda akin to NRI, NRN and other such non-resident organizations of other various Diasporas.

Is NRB carrying out a proxy campaign for political parties in exile?

No, NRB is not a proxy of any political entity in exile or inside Bhutan; rather it is a platform to unite all Bhutanese people. It is the voice of Non-Resident Bhutanese with a clear mission to work for national reconciliation, harmony and equity for all Bhutanese people.

Does NRB have immediate tangible results?

Yes, it will help reunite the Bhutanese Diaspora, thereby creating a positive atmosphere among Bhutanese people living inside and outside Bhutan. In addition, it will help to educate the youth who were born or grew up in the refugee camps to develop connection and belongingness to the country of their origin.

Why the Bhutanese living in Nepal and India are not qualified as NRB?

There is still a sizeable population of the Bhutanese refugees living in UNHCR managed refugee camps in Nepal who are not resettled or repatriated at this time. It would be premature to determine anything about the population in uncertain transit situation.

Who qualifies to become NRB?

Any person of Bhutanese origin born in Bhutan or children born to Bhutanese parents living outside the country who wishes to be involved for betterment of Bhutan qualifies to be a non resident Bhutanese.

What is the goal of NRB?

The NRB is a united platform of the Bhutanese people living outside Bhutan in Asia, Australia, Europe and North America to foster people to people contact and rebuild relationship so as to contribute towards reconciliation, peace, harmony and socio-economic development of Bhutan.

Does a Bhutanese coming directly from Bhutan qualify to become a NRB member?

Yes, a Bhutanese coming directly from Bhutan to settle overseas, like in the DV Program of the US Government can become a NRB member. Our effort should be to bridge the gap between the resident and the non-resident Bhutanese. After all, we all are from the same country.

Is NRB same as NRN or NRI

The answer is both Yes and no:

Yes, NRB intends to represent the non-resident people of Bhutanese origin. All resettled Bhutanese have their country of origin as Bhutan in their identity documents such as permanent resident cards and passports of their adopted countries similar to Non Resident Indian or Non Resident Nepalese representing their own Diasporas.

No, because NRN and NRI status were promoted by their respective governments and are continued to be supported by them and  in some cases, they are funded by their governments. NRB, on the other hand, is an initiative by the Bhutanese Diaspora in exile and is yet to be recognized by the Bhutan government. NRB will continue to advocate until Bhutan acknowledges that the injustice was done to its exiled citizens and decides to restitute and confer nonresident Bhutanese status.