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Bhutanese Community in Buffalo, NY

By Dr. D.N.S.Dhakal Purosotum Ghimre of Lalai block from Goldhap camp was the first family to resettle in 2008. The primary resettlement was 2200 though the number could be anywhere now from 3000 to 4000 because of remigration. Remigration is a trend among the resettled Bhutanese. The decision for remigration are for job opportunities, family connection, Medicare and Social benefits. There are no exact estimate, but the remigration is significant

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Inquisitive Younger Generation

By Dr. DNS Dhakal It was Sunday June 28. I decided to take leave form my hectic teaching schedule from an executive program at Duke Center for International Development, Duke University. Indra Dhital, originally from Kikorthang Block, of Chirang Dzongkha, came to pick me up from Raleigh around 8 AM. He came driving his own car navigated by his minor son who was eight grade student. He came to Raleigh in 2008. Both husband and wife work, children

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Congressional Briefing on Bhutan in Washington DC

By B.M Rai and Bhuwan Gautam The Congressional briefing on Bhutan took place on November 17th, 2014 at Washington DC. It was organized by the Hindu American Foundation (HAF). There were 27 resettled Bhutanese delegates from 14 cities representing 10 different States of the US. Delegates presented issues on domestic and foreign policies and requested US State Department, Senate Officials and Congress members for their help towards finding permanent

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