Call to Bhutanese American non-profit organizations for research participation

I am conducting a study to learn the problem faced by the Bhutanese community-based organizations in the U.S and seeking two adults (ages 18 and over) from each organization: The board chief and CEO/President to volunteer to participate in an online survey questionnaire that will be sent out in Fall 2016.

Volunteers must:

  • Be be 18 years or older.
  • Current or former Board Chief and Chief Executive Officers.
  • Be able to fill out an online survey questionnaire and submit.

We are contacting you because you are likely to be appropriate for this study. This is a non-grant funded study and does not have a stipend. But, in exchange for your valuable time completing the survey, I will share you the study finding by hosting a webinar.

Individuals who wish to volunteer can contact me directly at 413-231-8363 or at for you to get an online survey questionnaire. This study is approved by the Westfield State University Human Subjects Committee.


MPA Student, Westfield State University

Westfield, MA