Bhutanese Community in Wisconsin

By Dr. D.N.S.Dhakal

There are about 60 families at Madison in Wisconsin. It is a small community as compared to other 48 states. The total population is less than 300.

They have not yet form a social organization. Earlier there was an effort to build one but it could not get materialize because of the differences in opinion. Of the 60 families 45 are practicing Christian.

So far only 4 families have brought houses. There is an initiative to start business. An Indian cuisine restaurant is being established by Bhutanese in partnership.Dr. Dhakal in Wisconsin

The elderly are attending adult education classes; children are going to schools, and the community as a whole is looking forward great future in Wisconsin.

There are people practically from all the camps in Nepal. They have roots almost in all the southern Dzongkhags. It seems a mini southern Bhutan is emerging in Madison, Wisconsin. They maintain good connection with their relatives back in Bhutan. Facebooks and skype are bringing the separated families together.

They are planning to form soon a Bhutanese organization of Wisconsin in Madison. The sole purpose is to keep intact the Lhotsampa culture and tradition irrespective of the differences in religious faith. Both the Christians and the Hindus celebrate Christmas, Dasai, Tihar and Teej festivals together.

Among the people met are Tara Man Rana, Thakur Singh Gurung, Sukraj Biswakarma, Birkha Karki, Kalpana Dhakal and members of Acharya families.