NRB Mission statement

The Non-Resident Bhutanese (NRB) platform is neither a social organization nor is it affiliated to any political party. It is a proposal dedicatedto the long-term welfare of Bhutan and all the Bhutanese people. It has emerged as an outcome of the third country resettlement of Bhutanese refugees who spent more than two decades in the UNHCR organized refugee camps in Nepal. Unlike the non-resident Nepalese (NRN) or non-resident Indian (NRI) groups promoted by their respective governments to tap the resourcesand talents for the greater benefits of their respective countries, NRB has been created by the resettled refugees with the demand for its recognition by the Bhutanese Parliament.

The NRB platform will continue its peaceful campaign for the recognition of the resettled refugees as Non-Resident Bhutanese. Its long-term objective is to constitute an effective and cohesive Bhutanese Diaspora with the goal of contributing to promote peace and harmony among all the ethnic groups, religion and caste.

The main objective is to work towards re-establishing connection between the resettled refugees and their family members, relatives and friends inside the country. It can also facilitate connection between the people in Bhutan and people in their respective adopted countries.

NRB’s core mission is to work towards regaining lost Bhutanese identity, and to create an atmosphere to think good, do good and wish good for Bhutan and the Bhutanese people all around the world.